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Microblading Sunshine Coast

Are you thinking about using a microblading Sunshine Coast training service? At the Dermal Therapy Courses, you can expect to receive the best professional and quality service. Here is some information about microblading, what it is, who it is suitable for, placement, design and much more.

What is Microblading Sunshine Coast?

Microblading is a technic that involves tattooing with a small handheld tool which is made up of tiny needles filled with semi-permanent ink. It is used on eyebrows to enhance the shape, style or colour. It fades quicker than other tattooing techniques but looks more natural.
You may also have heard microblading being referred to as feather touch, embroidery, or hair strokes, and it is a very popular beauty treatment.

Microblading is excellent for…

  1. Anyone who is looking for a natural brow look that will last.
  2. Those who are thinking about lightly filling out the brows that they already have.
  3. Anyone who wants brows to look thicker and filled in.
  4. Perfect for thin eyebrows
  5. People who do not have the time to maintain their eyebrows regularly.
  6. Anyone who suffers from Alopecia, a condition in which a person can suffer from hair loss.
  7. Faint eyebrows, blonde or lightly coloured.

The placement and the design

You’ll begin with a consultation with an experienced, qualified professional who will discuss with you the option and the look you are after. They will then design and sketch your perfect brows and using a transfer show you how it would look with the right placement on your face. They will look at the shape of your face, the placement of your features, and the height and width of the arc will be dependent upon how your eyes are set. Once you are both happy with the design, colour, shape and thickness, the microblading can begin.

How long does Microblading last?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo and therefore will not last forever. However, you can expect your brows to last up to around 12-18 months based on a few factors such as:

  1. The quality of the pigment or ink used.
  2. Exposure to UV light.
  3. Chemicals and elements found in the skincare products you use.
  4. Medication, some medications can cause the ink to fade quickly.
  5. Your skin type.
  6. And remember, usually a touch-up is required after a few weeks up to a month after the first microblading session has been completed.

Why you should have Microblading Sunshine Coast Training

If you are still curious as to whether microblading is the right option for you, or you have any doubts or concerned, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our staff. We will happily discuss with you any concerns and provide you with any further information you require.

All of the course instructors have been trained not only, nationally but internationally in the new and latest techniques. They have years of experience, completed fully regulated accredited courses, and are flexible to work with your needs and requirements.

So don’t hesitate to contact the Dermal Therapy Courses to talk about your next steps in microblading Sunshine Coast training.

For a cosmetic tattoo training Gold Coast service, contact The Dermal Therapy Courses today!