Laser / IPL Training

CDT Certified  IPL Training Courses

Once you complete our courses you will have the necessary qualifications and skills to become a professional therapist. 
The ​Dermal Therapy Courses provides a comprehensive course for those working in the medical or cosmetic industry. 

We help you gain further knowledge in using Intense Pulsed Light and hair removal technologies. Enrol in our IPL training courses today

Our experts will guide you over the whole course through theory and practical lessons. Call us now to book your position.

Certificate in IPL Courses

Our course covers a range of subjects on Laser and IPL training that include:

  1. Laser definition & classification
  2. Types of medical and hair removal lasers
  3. Laser physics
  4. Laser and light treatments for hair removal
  5. Laser and light treatments for skin rejuvenation
  6. Practical application of light therapies in hair reduction and skin rejuvenation

CDT Certified Laser / Intense 
Pulsed Light (IPL) Course

Including a FREE Laser Safety Certificate ED224 
worth $500 for a limited time only

The ​Dermal Therapy Courses offers a two day and a three day course in Laser / IPL. This course includes the Laser Safety Certificate ED224 (approved by Queensland Radiation Health). This certificate enables the learner to use and IPL machine and to apply to Queensland Radiation Health for a learner licence to use a laser machine. 

On successful completion of the course you will be issued with a Certificate of Achievement in Intense Pulse Light Therapy and a Laser Safety Certificate. It is advisable to also obtain the statement of attainment for HLTINF005 Maintain Infection Prevention for Skin Penetration Treatments, for your public liability insurance. If you would like further information on this, please apply.

The subjects you will study include:

  • Review Tissue Structure
  • Review Laser and Light Physics
  • Physics Tissue interaction and Safety
  • Hair Removal
  • Advanced Skin Rejuvenation Techniques

The course duration and booking are both flexible and can be organised to suit your busy lifestyle.

Why choose to study at our college?

Our course is fully comprehensive, providing professionals working in the medical and cosmetic industry, with a course to help you gain the specialized knowledge and skills to perform procedures using Intense Pulsed Light technology. Some of these procedures include:

Hair Removal

Skin Rejuvenation

Vascular Treatment

Pigmentation Treatment

Acne Treatment

Rosacea Treatment

We recognise the absolute importance of performing these treatments safely. Having sufficient foundation knowledge to perform Intense Pulsed Light procedures and a Laser Safety Certificate is why we know our course is the best. 

When you complete a Laser / IPL course with us, you can have confidence that you will have the necessary knowledge, skills and qualification, to become a professional within this area. 

IPL procedures require you to have the knowledge of the Fitzpatrick skin type. Our course will take you through the steps to understand and be able to determine your clients Fitzpatrick skin type prior to performing any IPL/Laser procedure. 

All skin types are categorized as skin type 1 – 6 with a corresponding coloration of the skin. How skin characteristically reacts to the exposure of the sun, as well as family history, ethnicity and geographical factors, will all have influences on your client’s skin types. It is crucial to know what skin type your client has in order to effectively preform any IPL / Laser procedure. 

That’s why our course is comprehensive, we provide you the information needed to perform treatments while maintaining yours and your clients safety.

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