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eyelash extension course

The Best 8 Eyelash Extension Course Units?

The Dermal Therapy Courses is a leading provider of eyelash extension courses in Australia. Our eyelash extension course will teach you everything from the basics, such as what tools and products are needed, to more advanced skills like applying false lashes or tinting your client’s natural lashes. You’ll also get a certificate at the end of our eyelash extension course!

This eyelash extension course is perfect for anyone looking for an exciting new career opportunity in beauty. It’s also great if you’re already working with clients but want to expand your services by offering them something new and different that they can’t find anywhere else. And it’s straightforward – we’ve got all the information right here on our website so click below! Sign up today and start an eyelash extension course!

Are you Interested in an Eyelash Extension Course?

The Dermal Therapy Courses offers a range of eyelash extension courses for people who want to learn more about the beauty industry. These include eyelash extension courses, makeup artistry, and nail technician training. Our eyelash extension course is open to anyone with an interest in this field. You don’t need any experience or qualifications – just a desire to learn!

We offer flexible hours to study our eyelash extension courses. We will work around your work schedule, and we also have online options available if you’re not able to come into our location. Whether you’re looking for a new career or want some extra skills, there’s no better time than now! Apply today for our eyelash extension course!

Do you Want to enrol in our Eyelash Extension Course?

The eyelash extension course will teach you all the skills needed for a successful career in lash extensions. You’ll be able to design lashes for different eye shapes, lift lashes without causing damage and much more!

The Dermal Therapy Courses has developed an in-depth eyelash extension course that gives students all the tools they need to feel confident in completing the procedure. It can boost your career by offering your clients an excellent beauty procedure. Many eyelash extension courses help everyone improve their skills, from DIY enthusiasts and complete beginners to established beauticians.

With this eyelash extension course, you will learn everything you need for success with eyelash extensions! You’ll be able to perform the service on yourself or others with ease confidently. This eyelash extension course covers everything from choosing lashes and applying them correctly to aftercare tips for maintaining healthy lashes long term. There’s no better way than our comprehensive eyelash extension course!

What will you Learn in your Eyelash Extension Course?

You will learn the following skills in your eyelash extension courses:

  • You will acquire a comprehensive understanding of hair structure and anatomy
  • You will learn how to lift lashes without causing damage
  • Then you will learn how to design lashes for different eye shapes

What is Included in the Eyelash Extension Course?

The Following 8 Units will be covered in your Lash Extensions Course:

  1. Hygiene and Safety when completing eyelash extensions.
  2. Sanitisation before, during, and after the procedure.
  3. Consultation aftercare services for your clients.
  4. Contra-indications.
  5. Analysis and then the colour application.
  6. Natural extensions that look beautiful.
  7. How to use the kit and full training.
  8. The application and removal of eyelash products.

Are you Looking for a New Career?

The eyelash extension courses are an excellent way to learn or develop your skills in the beauty industry. With our team of highly trained and dedicated professionals, we offer the best eyelash extension course around. We make sure that once you have completed this eyelash extension course, you are ready and prepared to complete amazing treatments for your customers and clients.

You can find out more about our eyelash extension courses by clicking here right now!  We look forward to seeing what kind of work you will do with us!  The Dermal Therapy Courses strives to be the best at delivering eyelash extension courses. Don’t hesitate any longer – get started today!

Eyelash extension courses are the first and most important step you will take towards your lash career. These eyelash extension courses cover everything you need to know about becoming a certified eyelash technician, from sanitation to application to certification. Or if you are already in the industry, it will improve your current knowledge and training.

Become a certified lash technician or improve your current knowledge with our eyelash extension course! You’ll learn how to apply lashes safely and professionally while also learning how to maintain them properly so that they last as long as possible. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to work in beauty or make some extra cash on the side!

If you want more information about our eyelash extension course, don’t wait another minute before getting started on your new career path with us!

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