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    The ​Dermal Therapy Courses an Expert in Training

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    Eyebrow Courses

    Cosmetic Tattoo Training Available at the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Australia Wide

    Dermal Therapy Courses specialises in accredited ​​cosmetic tattoo school from learner level to experienced.

    We Are The Experts in Semi-Permanent Makeup ​Education And Our Microfeathering ​Teaching is Available at The Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Australia Wide!

    Our Cosmetic Programs Include:
    Feather Eyebrows
    Ombre / Hybrid Eyebrows
    Powder Brows
    Eye Liner 
    Lip Liner 
    Lip Blend 
    Full Lip 

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    Some of Our Courses Available

    Infection Control and Laser Safety Package

    $890.00 Excluding GST

    Upgrade Your Skills with Our Infection Control and Laser Safety Package

    Gain Laser Safety Expertise with Our QLD Radiation Health-Endorsed Certificate

    Master Infection Prevention for Skin Penetration Treatments

    Certificate in IPL 3 Days

    $3,950.00 Excluding GST

    Elevate Your Expertise with a Certified Laser/IPL Course 3 Days

    Limited-Time Bonus:Limited-Time Bonus: Enroll now and receive a FREE Laser …

    Certificate in IPL 2 Days

    $2,950.00 Excluding GST

    Upgrade Your Skills with a Certified Laser/IPL Course 2 Days

    Limited Time Offer: Get a FREE Laser Safety Certificate ED224 (worth 0) when you …

    Certificate in Skin Needling Package 2 Days

    $2,500.00 Excluding GST

    Transform Your Skills with a 2-Day Skin Needling (Micro-Needling) Training Course

    Certificate in High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound

    $3,500.00 Excluding GST

    HIFU: The Non-Surgical Facelift

    Elevate Your Aesthetic Expertise with Our Exclusive Package

    Certificate in Medical Plasma Lift

    $3,999.00 Excluding GST

    Fibroblast Plasma Lift: The Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Solution

    Ultimate Eyebrow Course Package 4 Days

    $5,900.00 Excluding GST

    Transform Your Career with the Ultimate Eyebrow Training and Microblading Course

    Ultimate Eyebrow Course Package 3 Days

    $4,900.00 Excluding GST

    Master the Art of Eyebrow Transformation with Our Ultimate Microblading Course

    Ultimate Eyebrow Course Package 2 Days

    $3,500.00 Excluding GST

    Master the Art of Eyebrow Transformation with Our Ultimate Training Course

    Complete Cosmetic Tattooing Training Course Package

    $7,650.00 Excluding GST

    Unlock Your Potential with the Complete Cosmetic Tattooing Training Course Package from Dermal Therapy Courses

    Cosmetic Tattoo Training Courses

    Ready to Start a Program With Excellent Trainers?

    Our comprehensive cosmetic training are designed to provide you with the essential knowledge and ​education needed to establish yourself in the Semi-permanent makeup industry!

    Gain industry-leading insights into the world of tattooing from professionals in the space. Our ​​cosmetic tattoo training online program has been carefully curated to provide you with elevated experience and strong foundation in this Semi-permanent makeup training field.

    Become a certified ​tattoo artist and set yourself apart from competitors. With access to unique educational materials, you can expand your skill set and become a leader in this space.

    Learn from industry professionals and gain valuable insights into the world of ​cosmetic tattoo that can help you hone your skills and advance your career.

    Government funded tattoo training in QLD provide an accessible pathway for aspiring cosmetic tattoo artists to receive comprehensive ​​cosmetic tattoo training and certification.

    Take your career to the next level by enrolling in our comprehensive ​education today!

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    With our Programs Become a Professional ​Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

    Become a confident and skilled Brow Artist with our training online. Turn your passion for beauty into a growing career with our professional training!    

    Our brow program provides essential semi-permanent makeup program skills and knowledge needed to become a certified ​cosmetic tattoo artist. You’ll learn valuable techniques such as microblading, feathering, ombre, shading, combination brows, and more. Plus, gain practical experience with an experienced master trainer in the field.
    Take your career to the next level and become a certified Professional artist! With our state-of-the-art ​education, you can grow your business confidently, knowing that you have the skills and knowledge to safely provide exceptional services to clients. 

    In Queensland, government funded training provide individuals with an opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in the art of ​cosmetic tattooing through financial assistance and training programs.                                 

    Start your journey now! Get certified with our ultimate cosmetic tattoo course training program today!

    Dermal Therapy Courses

    18 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Cosmetic Tattooing

    Have Questions About Training? Below Are the Answers Click the Plus to Reveal the Answers

    1. What is cosmetic tattooing?

    Tattooing is a specialised training program designed to teach individuals the art of semi-permanent makeup, including techniques for microblading, eyebrow shading, lip blush, and eyeliner enhancements.

    2. Who can enroll in tattoo training?

    Courses are typically open to individuals of various skill levels, from beginners with no prior experience to experienced beauty professionals looking to expand their skillset.

    3. Are ​cosmetic tattooing accredited?

    Some courses are accredited ( SHB50321 Diploma of Cosmetic Tattoo) and offer recognised certifications upon completion. Accreditation ensures that the course meets industry standards and provides a qualification that is widely accepted.

    4. Do you need to do a Diploma of Cosmetic Tattoo?

    No there is no specific national requirement in Australia mandating a diploma in cosmetic tattooing to practice in the industry. However, being trained by a professional trainer is the best way to hit the ground running and is required by government. All our trainers are fully qualified under the appropriate government guidelines to offer training. To help you make the right decision, visit this page to find our courses and prices.

    5. What will I learn in a tattoo training?

    In tattoo training some of what you will learn is: a range of techniques, including colour theory, facial anatomy, skin tones, client profiling, and hands-on practice for procedures like microblading and lip blush. For more information visit this  page.

    6. How long does cosmetic tattooing typically last?

    The duration of training can vary, but many trainers offer programs that last from a few days to several months. The length of the training often depends on the level of expertise being taught. A diploma of cosmetic tattooing can take 12 months.   If you are wanting to fast track your tattoo salon journey visit this page now.

    7. Do I need any prior experience in the beauty industry to enroll in tattoo training?

    No, training is designed to accommodate individuals with no prior beauty industry experience. They provide comprehensive training to beginners.

    8. Are there advanced trainingfor experienced professionals?

    Yes, advanced training are available for experienced beauty professionals who want to refine their skills and stay updated with the latest industry trends. For experienced courses visit this page now.

    9. What types of certifications are offered?

    Tattoo training typically offer certifications that indicate your proficiency in specific procedures or techniques. These certifications can include microblading certification, lip blush certification, and more.

    10. Are there practical components in cosmetic training?

    Yes, practical training is a significant part of the course. Students often have the opportunity to work on live models under the guidance of experienced instructors.

    11. Do I need to bring my own equipment for tattooing training?

    No we provide the necessary equipment and materials for training.

    12. Can I start my own tattoo business after completing a training?

    Yes, completing training equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to start your own business or work in established beauty salons and studios.

    13. How do I choose the right ​training for me?

    To choose the right training, consider your skill level, the specific techniques you want to learn, the training accreditation, and the reputation of the training provider. Ask lots of questions of the training provider and if the training provider is vague, unprofessional and becomes upset with all your questions, you should consider looking else where. We are all ways professional and love answering questions.

    14. ​What career opportunities are available after completing a training?

    After completing the training, you can pursue various career opportunities, including working as a tattoo artist in salons, spas, or starting your own studio. You can also offer specialised beauty services in the industry.

    15. Is ongoing support and education available after the training?

    We offer ongoing support and resources to graduates to help them stay updated with industry trends and continue refining their skills.

    16. Do you need to have an autoclave?

    No, assessments only necessitate a simulated environment. You can create a simulated salon within your home and utilize a box or microwave as an autoclave for the assessments.

    18. What are the steps to become a cosmetic tattooist in Australia?

    There are a few options to become a cosmetic tattooist one is to do the SHB50321 Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing which offers aspiring and experienced cosmetic tattoo artists in Australia a recognized qualification that aligns with industry standards. Second option is to do a few of the training on this page which is quickest option to become a cosmetic tattooist with around a week or two. Compared to the Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing which can take 12 months to complete.

    Dermal Therapy Courses

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