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Feather touch brows training

The Ultimate Feather Touch Brows Training

Feather touch brows training is a hugely popular course as feather touch brows have become increasingly popular in recent years as one of the top beauty treatments. Becoming qualified in administrating feather touch brows can set you and your business aside from others. So whether you are just starting in the world of beauty treatments or you are already working within the industry, we are sure that adding feather touch brows training to your resume will be a huge bonus.

What is feather touch brows training?

Feather touch brows training is a course that will give you the knowledge and accreditation to give clients feather touch brows. Feather touch brows is an artistic method of hand drawing individual hairs with small thin incisions which are then filled with die to give fuller, natural-looking, beautifully shaped brows.

Frequently asked questions about feather touch brows training

You may have heard about feather touch brows and been asked some questions about what the procedure involves, how long it lasts, what your clients can expect etc. We have provided some frequently asked questions for you so you can decide if this is a treatment you think could benefit you, your business and your customers.

What’s the difference between feather touch and Microblading?

The technique is very similar, and the only real difference is that microblading is for the whole eyebrow whereas feather touch brows are to fil in the gaps and to add shape and thickness to existing brows.

How long does it take for feather-touch brows to heal?

This can depend on a few factors like your client’s skin type, health care regime, age, exposure to sun etc., but generally, they can expect to be fully healed in 4 – 6 weeks.

Do feather-touch eyebrows fade?

Yes, this is a semipermanent procedure so your clients will require a touch-up and then can expect their brows to fade over the next 2 – 3 years.

Is eyebrow feathering safe?

It is a safe procedure, the only thing you need to warn your clients of is mild discomfort, which may feel like pressure against their eyebrows during the procedure but nothing more and the numbing cream will help with this.

How do you take care of feathered eyebrows?

Here are the things your clients need to be aware of:

  • Please do not get the area wet for ten days, and clients must keep their faces dry even when showering.
  • Do not wear make-up for at least ten days as there are open wounds on your client’s skin.
  • Do not scratch the area or pick at the scabs.
  • Do not complete strenuous physical exercise which can lead to a lot of sweating, use saunas or swimming pools
  • Apply the cream and aftercare treatment as advised.

Where should I start my feather touch brows training?

The Dermal Therapy Courses is a highly specialised training centre which comes highly recommended. They will be happy to answer any further questions you have and with their range of courses, flexibility on dates, competitive pricing and the highly trained team they should be your number one choice for Feather touch brows training.

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