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CDT Certified 7D HIFU Training Courses

All You Need to Know about IPL / Laser Courses

Do you want to enter the of world medical aesthetics? Or, are you a beauty therapist with an intention to bolster your career by expanding your knowledge and skills? Well, you definitely need to take IPL / Laser Courses.

So What is IPL?

Intense pulse light (IPL) is the latest innovation in the beauty industry, that is quickly becoming the go-to option as far as hair removal and skin rejuvenation is concerned. It is essentially a light/laser therapy that addresses common skin conditions without injuring the surface of the skin. It is most effective in dealing with unwanted hair, wrinkles, and skin-related issues such as dark spots.

IPL procedures are pain-free and non-invasive. And, since the results last for at least a year, the whole process is relatively effective and affordable as compared to other alternative methods.

What you’ll get to learn from IPL / Laser Courses.

– Hair removal IPL / Laser

Courses cover the skills you need to analyse skin and hair type, to identify treatment risks and to formulate a customised treatment plan for each client.

– Skin rejuvenation

As mentioned earlier, you’ll learn how to use IPL/ laser to treat common skin conditions such as wrinkles and fine lines, sun spots, sun damage, age spots, pigmentation marks, freckles, and acne breakouts, with the aim of achieving clear, glowing skin.

– Safety

You will get to learn the best safety practices, and how to identify and manage hazards in a beauty salon or aesthetic clinic environment.

Moreover, after completing the laser/IPL course, you will be equipped with the relevant skills necessary to perform skin rejuvenation and hair removal procedures, using IPL and laser systems.

Why you should attend an accredited IPL / Laser Courses

Getting the right training and qualifications to administer various laser treatments is crucial to ethical and successful business practices.

Moreover, since most states have strict regulations that govern the use of laser treatments, you will need to prove your qualification to be licensed by various regulatory bodies.

Is this a promising career path? The demand for non-invasive treatments like laser hair removal is very high across all age groups. With proper training, you’ll be placed to offer the safest and the best treatments, and this will put you at the forefront of the lucrative medical aesthetics industry.

As a result of your competence, you will be able to attract and retain more clients.

All You Need to Know about IPL / Laser Courses

So Where Can You Get IPL / Laser Course?

If you’re hoping to tap into the multi-billion-dollar aesthetics industry, the Dermal Therapy Courses will help you start your medical aesthetics career Our course combines instructive training with hands-on instruction and thus offers a wholesome learning experience.

You will get to learn about patient care, types of lasers, contraindications, and much more By the end of the program, you’ll be able to perform procedures like radiofrequency skin tightening, laser hair removal, IPL photo facials more confidently.

For more information about our IPL / Laser Courses, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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