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Makeup Course

The Best 21 Units Covered in our Makeup Course for Makeup Artistry.

The Dermal Therapy Courses offers an excellent Makeup Course that can propel your career as a beautician. They have a range of specialist instructors who have designed a high-level Makeup Course to give you all the skills you need to advance your career or start a new job.

Whether you want to study a Makeup Course to learn how to create stunning makeup artistry for weddings, everyday looks, super hip and modern fashion trends, or maybe your existing clients are requesting more beauty makeovers. The Dermal Therapy Courses offers the perfect Makeup Course for you.

What is a Makeup Course?

A Makeup Course is where makeup artists practice beauty and cosmetic applications for lips, eyes, brows, cheeks, and skin. A Makeup Course includes learning about the appropriate makeup looks for everyday, special occasions, and then high fashion print, and also it can consist of digital photography.

Students enrolled in a Makeup Course use a range of cosmetics such as foundation, liner, powder, blush, primer, eyeshadow, mascara, lip pencil, lipstick and more. Makeup Courses include demonstration learning that focuses on face shapes and skin tones, colour theory, different application styles, and finally, cosmetic trends.

How do I become a Makeup artist?

To become a makeup artist, you would need to take a Makeup Course and gain practical experience. If you would like to become a performance or even a theatrical makeup artist, you must obtain a diploma in makeup artistry. The Dermal Therapy Courses the Makeup Course is a great way to study makeup and hone your future skills.

What Are the Makeup Course Entry Requirements?

What do you need to apply for The Dermal Therapy Courses and the Makeup Course? The Makeup Courses are open for absolutely anyone to enter. You don’t need any experience or specific qualifications.

What is included in your Makeup Course?

The top 21 units will be covered in your Makeup Course:

  1. Hygiene and Safety when completing a makeup course
  1. Sanitisation before, during, and after application
  1. Face and Eye shape design
  1. Contouring and Highlighting
  1. Colour matching techniques
  1. Base application
  1. Eye line techniques and skills
  1. Primers for different skin types
  1. Colour correction
  1. Colour theory
  1. Skin types and skin tones
  1. Foundations and matching
  1. Skin Care and treatment
  1. Shaping, shading, etc
  1. Basic eye shadow technique
  1. Corporate and everyday wear
  1. Glamourous evening makeup
  1. Special occasion makeup such as weddings
  1. Specialised eyeliner technique
  1. Sought after Smoky Eyes
  1. Any current trend makeup

This Makeup Course is designed for students to be exceptional makeup artists to ensure you get the best up-to-date Makeup Course in the latest techniques and for you to be able to create the desired look for your clients.

Learn how to create beautiful natural glowing and glamorous makeup and beautiful classic smoky eyes with our fantastic makeup course. Contact the Dermal Therapy Courses today for more information on how a Makeup Course can boost your skills, knowledge, and personal development with highly skilled teachers and professionals.

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