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Are you considering a eyebrows Brisbane qualification? Have you considered the option of expanding your skills and knowledge, or perhaps you have an interest in entering the beauty industry, but you are not sure where to start or even if eyebrows Brisbane qualification would be the best option for you? At the Dermal Therapy Courses they are aware it is a big decision to make and that you will need all the information first before you make the decision, so here are some of the questions you may be asking yourself and the answers as to whether an eyebrows Brisbane qualification is the right choice for you.

The Dermal Therapy Courses; Eyebrows Brisbane Qualification

Who are The Dermal Therapy Courses?

With colleges located throughout Australia in:
1) Brisbane
2) Sydney
3) Gold Coast
4) Melbourne

They are a college with a fantastic reputation. They only hire highly accredited experienced staff who are committed to providing all students with the best service they can, preparing you for your own business. The training team and staff members are ahead of the game. They are continually looking to improve their skills and techniques, which is why as soon as a new procedure is available in the industry they attend accredited courses to ensure they are teaching the latest and best techniques.

Are The Dermal Therapy Courses credited?

Nationally Accredited trainers teach every course they provide, and your Eyebrows Brisbane Qualification will be nationally and internationally recognised. As well as the nationally recognised units of each competency that they offer they also have non-accredited training courses available in the uses of lasers which includes C02 laser equipment.

How many students can I expect in my group when taking an Eyebrows Brisbane Qualification?

At the Dermal Therapy Courses, they believe that each student should be given the time to learn at their pace and have the one-to-one guidance they require, and as such all their training groups are small. The courses are always customised to each student’s specific needs, together with their own experience, and each person’s learning abilities.

What does the Eyebrows Brisbane Qualifications include in the Dermal Therapy Courses?

This Ultimate Eye Brow course is a four-day course which includes the following:
Day 1
An introduction to MicroBladeing and the best Eye eyebrow techniques available in the industry.
Day 2
How to complete the Feather Touch Eye Brow MicroBladeing Technique.
Day 3
A recap and further look and practical into the Feather Touch Eye Brow MicroBladeing Technique and how to complete the Ombre Eye Brow Technique.
Day 4
A recap and further look and practical into the Feather Touch Eye Brow MicroBladeing Technique and Ombre Eye Brow as well as the Hybrid Eye Brow Technique.

As you can see, The Dermal Therapy Courses, is an experienced and accredited institution that is committed to providing you with the best training and Eyebrows Brisbane Qualifications. Contact the team today for more information on how they can help you.

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